dps advantages


You will never compromise quality with Door Panel Systems

quality materials
design technology
Local experience
Match Your door to your home
Material selections
full customization
Either you can provide your own material, or you can select from our high quality, durable materials including:
  • Conventional Wood- Cedar / Fir
  • Reclaimed / Barn Wood
  • Exotic Wood
  • Matched Siding
  • Metal Options
  • Laminates / Composites
  • Reclaimed or Specific Regional Woods

We have a unique design-build relationship that involves you in the customization process:
1.) Structural Design: As a custom shop, we offer any structural design that you send us or that we can brainstorm together.
2.) Approve Design: We then submit the exact drawing of the proposed doors we will build. This offers you a chance to change design features of your doors when you see them.
3.) Select Material: Once you have approved your design, we select the materials to build from. We can provide the material or you can supply your own.
It’s difficult to find a door that perfectly matches the design of your home. Since Door Panel Systems is a custom door shop, we can create a garage or entry door with the design features that complement your home. Upgrading your home with a DPS door, increases its value and gives it a long lasting aesthetic charm. Click here to see our home improvement projects.
 our woodworking technology
25 years of experience
support local families
We have the experience that you can trust. With over 25 years of woodworking experience, owner Eric Tuininga has mastered his eye for design, precision and craft, and providing professional customer service. Eric and Josh wants every customer to leave satisfied with their product and experience working with Door Panel Systems, which is why they ensure that every door reflects the quality that DPS stands by. To read more about our experience, click here.
All of our products are made and manufactured in Bozeman. When you purchase custom door products from Door Panel Systems, you also keep our father-son company in business and you grow our local Bozeman economy. As a local business, our service is more personal, convenient, and efficient than it is when purchased corporately. We also have the ability to offer full customization with all of our products, through our collaborative design process.
Door Panel Systems utilizes superior computer aided woodworking equipment which instills accuracy and precision in our building process. Our technology creates doors that are constructed perfectly and efficiently to meet your design in a timely manner. Our technology also allows us to easily revise and make changes to your design if need be.